• What is the MOQ (minimal order quantity)?

    Different MOQs for different products. Usually 1000 pcs or 1500 pcs. But please tell us which item you are interested in. Then we will tell you.

  • Can you quote the price for me?

     Yes, please tell us the sample number in our Web.

  • Can you customize products for clients?

    Yes, we customize the products, including but not limited to the color, size, style, logo, etc. And we are also able to improve and design new products with your individual requirements.

  • Can you put my unique logo on the products?

     Yes, the logo can be printed, embroidered or woven as a label.

  • We would like to have a look at a sample before we continue with the order. Can we obtain a sample from you?

    Yes, we can provide the samples to you for confirming the product's quality.

  • Can I get samples? Do I need to pay for samples?

    Samples of products can be provided on request. We will send samples to you as soon as possible, provided that the clients pay for the courier cost.

  • What is your delivery date?

    Different delivery dates for different quantities and products. You can send the E-mail to me about the products. We will reply to you as soon as possible! Please feel free to contact us if you have some other questions.